Why Us


Why choose Rational when there’s literally a world of providers out there? The answer is simple. We have some amazing advantages that we put to work for you.

Based In Bangladesh 

A rapidly growing population of specialists have pushed Bangladesh into the forefront of software development. Educated in English and providing better cost solutions than traditional outsourcing destinations, this young, talented and tech-savvy work force has turned Bangladesh into one of the world’s fastest growing destinations for IT outsourcing.

Experienced Management 

The founders of Rational have been professionally involved with software development for almost a cumulative three decades! They continue to run their own firms while contributing to Rational. Young enough to be up-to-date with the latest developments in information technology, yet experienced enough to guide the team when necessary; our managers make sure your work gets done without a hitch

Experienced Developers 

Every one of the developers in our network have a minimum of five years of work experience. However, their value lies not only in their coding abilities, but also in the fact that all have considerable experience working with foreign clients. They understand the unique challenges of working on offshore projects and come prepared to make it a smooth process for all involved Partners All firms working under the Rational Technology banner are chosen based on not only their areas of expertise, but also following strict selection criteria. Our partners are carefully vetted to ensure that they meet our commitment to delivering quality work, in a timely fashion, and with outstanding customer service. This means that you are always assured of working with great people with a passion for what they do.

Low Costs

All the benefits and advantages of working with Rational Technology notwithstanding, our prices reflect the best of what outsourcing is supposed to offer. We pass on the savings from our low overhead and personnel costs so that you can enjoy tremendous value for money.