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Our prize project is XILABUS which is a training and knowledge sharing portal. 
At the same time it provides a platform of easy communication for Multi-Stakeholders through collaboration and multi-party video conferencing. This platform will enable users to interact with each other with video/audio/text messages, share files like ppt/pdf, co-browse contents, use scorm to tutor. This is a great tool for teaching/learning, interviews or simply to connect with others. It is completely web based and does not require any software/plugin downloads.
We have a vision to implement this to give quality education to the distant corners of Bangladesh. 
Below is more information and insight on the project - 

XILABUS is an online service for knowledge providers and private communications. It can be also be used in Multi-Stakeholder companies as a communications tool for video conferencing, meetings and coordination. Communicating on the system is free depending on the sharing level they choose.

Extended communications for more intensive exchanges require a low-fee monthly membership. However, if we get funds from donors we can provide free online teaching/coaching/training even medicare online to distant corners of Bangladesh.
Our vision  is to become the providers of the best collaboration experience online - and become internationally recognized for creating and offering highly appreciated online learning servicesand communication tools . 
Our mission is to provide innovative communication and knowledge networking online services, through the development of creative, cost-effective and customer-led solutions. 
Our Values: Inspire the User, Breathe Utopia, Think Hard Work Smarter, Deliver Don't Delay, Innovation is Leadership, Cultivate Emotional Excellence.


Along with Xilabus, we have a number of projects we take pride in. 


Project: CNF Data Warehouse

Technology: C# and MySQL


Community Natural Foods is an organization that offers unrefined and organic foodsnatural nutritional supplements and sustainable lifestyle products.

The CNF Data Warehouse is an organized, easy to access and summarized “Data Access Platform”  that enables an ordinary (non-technical) staff, to generate ad hoc summary views and data tables which aids to their business analysis processes.

The CNF Data warehouse is designed for efficient and intuitive data access by various members of the organization for which it is developed. The information that exists in Opentaps (an advance ERP and CRM solution software used by the company) is very detailed and highly normalized (non-duplicated). However due to this property, the data model is very complex and hard to understand by an end user. The solution is to provide a read only data access platform that facilitates dimensional de-normalization.

The data warehouse is designed to answer a variety of questions frequently asked by the organization staff. For example:

1. What percentage of the customers bought a calendar in the last week?

2. Did the sales volume and profit increase as a result of a flyer that was active last week?

3. How well are the organizations selling a particular product or a department?

4. What is the percentage contribution of each sub department to the store sales in the last week?

5. Within a category or sub department how much was discounted?

6. What percentage of transactions is selling an item (e.g soups)?

7. Which are the best-selling brands?

8. What is the impact of an event (i.e. flyer, sales, demo, snow, rain etc.) on the sales of the entire store or a sub department or a product?

9. How much of a product should the organization order?

10. How should the organization set the price of a product (What is the store trend, can they expect to make more profit by putting it on sale?)



Project: IP360

Technology: Php and MySQL


Community Natural Foods (CNF) developed its own security management software to control an ADT security solution used in its Calgary, Alberta offices. Over time, this software received incremental improvements and was even released to the public as a standalone product. At this point, CNF decided to significantly upgrade this software and asked Rational Technologies to redevelop the alert management interface portion of this software.

This interface is meant to allow authorized personnel to create alert conditions and corresponding actions. These personnel will usually consist of security and supervisory staff. As such, they cannot be expected to work directly within the database and thus requires an easy-to-use system. Depending on the type of alert being created, appropriate choice of actions is offered to the user. These choices, conditions and actions are all pulled from the database and executed.

In order to allow flexibility in the system, all alerts and their actions are fully customizable. They allow access to each of the types of sensors and allow any number of adjustments. The user is also be able to discard any number of changes and revert to previous settings easily.

Types of sensors include: temperature sensors, motion detectors, door and window sensors etc.

Types of actions include: call police, alert fire department, record camera footage, call a person, send sms etc.




Project: CMS integration with e-commerce

Technology: Php and MySQL, Word Press


Rational Technologies has come up with the unique feature of CMS integration in an e-commerce site where users can contribute editorial materials and blogs while at the same time may buy relevant products depending on articles published. This idea as well as the software modules has received amazing appreciation from clients who are using it.


Project: Capital IQ Financial Analysis Module

Technology: Php and MySQL


Rational Technologies provides the backbone for major analysis tools of the first wealth management firm in Bangladesh named Capital IQ. Rational's ground breaking financial analysis tools are used by this company for research and product comparison purposes. The computational module offers ways to optimize management of wealth. Financial Research Graphs helps to understand the Fundamental strength of a company of interest. Technical charts enables to enhance the stock market buy-sell decision accuracy.




fundamental analysis



Project: Big Roof (Property Management Software) 

Technology: Php and MySQL

Description: Rational Technologies developed a Property Management Software for BigRoof which currently is one of the leading and reputed companies in that Arena in UK. The Software provides easy access towards owned Properties and rooms for owners as well as keep track of tenants and tenancy agreements, room rents, revenues and expenses along with leased property management facility.




Recent News and Updates

  • Rational Technologies introduces WebRTC in Bangladesh and is a pioneer in research related to browser based video conferencing
  • Rational Technologies has been chosen as a Strategic Partner for IT of Rangs Group which is one of the biggest Groups in Bangladesh. Rational is now involved with various aspects of Social Marketing for the Group.
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