Emerging Company

Rational Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2012 with the goal of developing custom software solutions for clients in Bangladesh and abroad. In only a few short years, Rational has earned a reputation for top-quality work and high levels of customer satisfaction. As a full-fledged software development firm, Rational provides a one-stop shop for client IT needs e.g. Minimum Viable Product, Cross-Platform Applications, Software Customization, Business Intelligence tools etc.

In addition to traditional client work, Rational focuses on working with the latest advances in hardware and software and adapting these for use by the next generation of users across the world. We conduct original research to help develop technological solutions for emerging markets. These have led to the development of our own products such as: (i) Lokkhi – an innovative communication and collaboration tool. Lokkhi was designed for novice and experienced users alike. Over 500,000 have used Lokkhi Beta for personal and business purposes; (ii) Shikkha: this educational platform can be used as a virtual classroom for distance learning and webinars; (iii) Shakkhi: A data collection and analysis tool, Shakkhi overcomes the challenges associated with collecting and analyzing market data.

Following are some of the online works we have done for our clients all over the world and are live:

UK clients:

http://bigrooms.net/  : Room and Flat Sharing site

http://bigroof.co.uk/  : Property Management Site

European Clients:

http://www.clearblueshop.no/ : e-commerce website

http://www.billige-teste.dk/ : e-commerce website

http://beartdesigns.dk/pizza_redesign/ : food-order website

http://www.earthmember4life.com/shop/ : e-commerce website

Australian Client:

http://www.eslprospects.com/ : plain website

Local Clients:

http://rangsproperties.com/ : Real estate Website

https://rangsgroup.com : One of the biggest Group of Companies in Bangladesh

http://topheadlines24.com/ An aggregation of top news sites in Bangladesh

http://isotoniks.com/ : An Energy Drink company website

http://radiodhol.fm/ : Radio Website