Emerging Technology

Rational focuses on working with the latest advances in hardware
and software and adapting these for use by the next generation of users across the world. We conduct
original research to help develop technological solutions for emerging markets.

We take great pride in working with cutting edge technologies starting from engineering simulations to IOT solutions.

Among the projects we worked on, the IP360 project is the one we are particularly proud about:

Community Natural Foods (CNF) developed its own security management software to control an ADT security solution used in its Calgary, Alberta offices. Over time, this software received incremental improvements and was even released to the public as a standalone product. At this point, CNF decided to significantly upgrade this software and asked Rational Technologies to redevelop the alert management interface portion of this software.

This interface is meant to allow authorized personnel to create alert conditions and corresponding actions. These personnel will usually consist of security and supervisory staff. As such, they cannot be expected to work directly within the database and thus requires an easy-to-use system. Depending on the type of alert being created, appropriate choice of actions is offered to the user. These choices, conditions and actions are all pulled from the database and executed.

In order to allow flexibility in the system, all alerts and their actions are fully customizable. They allow access to each of the types of sensors and allow any number of adjustments. The user is also be able to discard any number of changes and revert to previous settings easily. Types of sensors include: temperature sensors, motion detectors, door and window sensors etc.|
Types of actions include: call police, alert fire department, record camera footage, call a person, send sms etc.